3 Amazing Workouts For People Over 50

So you think your working out days are over because you’re 50+ years of age and don’t think you can handle it anymore, right?




Here are 3 great workouts for people over the age of 50, because everyone should be getting fit regardless of their age:


1) Cardio

     Walk, run ,bike, swim,etc. for 30 minutes each day. You can do this on a treadmill at the gym, or you can go for a walk/run outside if the weather allows for it. Try to go the full 30 minutes in one session but if you physically can’t, try to start with 3 10-minute sessions and then gradually increase to 2 15-minute sessions and so on.


2) Strength Training

     Stick to the basics and do over do it. Start with some pushups (against a wall if you’re unable to do them regularly), next do some bicep curls and tricep extensions, then move to the resistance band and finally finish it off with some leg exercises such as lunges or squats. However, unlike cardio, you might want to take a couple days between each strength training workout. The muscles need time to recover so if you do these workouts too often, it may lead to serious injury.


3) Balance Training

      These are the easiest workouts you will ever do as they only require about 2-3 minutes each day to complete. There are 2 very good balance exercises. First, stand on one leg, hold for about 20 seconds or however long you can go, then switch legs and repeat the process. Next, try standing on your tippy-toes for 10 seconds, do about 3 sets of these.


Don’t let your age discourage you. It’s very important for people of all ages to exercise and get fit. These 3 workouts should help you get up and moving so you can feel young again!